Listing Criteria

ICC-ES PMG Listing Criteria Overview

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A PMG listing criteria will be developed when there are no consensus standards or equivalent available for this product.
ICC-ES will work with the applicant to develop criteria as needed.  PMG listing criteria are approved by the ICC-ES Product Listing Committee to provide a basis for issuing ICC-ES PMG listings on products and systems under codes referenced in Section 3.0 of the ICC-ES Rules of Procedure for Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas Product Listings. Criteria also clarify conditions of acceptance for products and systems not specifically regulated by the codes. The ICC-ES Product Listing Committee will discuss proposed listing criteria on a monthly basis or as needed to help expedite the listing approval process.

Application for Listing Criteria

Rules of Procedure Concerning the Product Listing Committee
Call for Applications for the ICC-ES PMG Listing Committee