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SG Blocks First to be Evaluated to Requirements of New ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria (AC462) for Structural Building Materials from Shipping Containers

SG BLOCKS First to be Evaluated to Requirements of New ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria (AC462) for Structural Building Materials from Shipping Containers

Shipping containers to be used as the source of structural and non-structural building materials for constructing building modules

ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES)—the experts in building product evaluation and certification—has issued ESR-3764 to SG Blocks for their Structural Building Material from Shipping Containers, providing evidence they comply with the code requirements of the 2015 International Building Codes® (IBC) and International Residential Codes® (IRC).

SG Blocks Building Modules are site specific, custom designed, factory built modules that are transported to a jobsite and assembled to form a completed building. Shipping containers are used as the source of structural and non-structural building materials for constructing the building modules. Steel structural building materials from the shipping containers and the quality control process for selecting shipping containers is the subject of this report.

“As the built industry develops new and innovative ways to do construction, so does ICC-ES, by working diligently with our ICC-ES committee and technical staff to develop new acceptance criteria for products not covered in the International Code.” said ICC-ES Senior Staff Engineer Woods McRoy, P.E. “Manufacturers are able to accelerate their products speed to market with the assurance and rigorous technical evaluation that ICC-ES is known for.”

“ICC-ES worked thoroughly and efficiently in developing AC462 and Issuing ESR-3764.” said SG Blocks President, Steve Armstrong, “We are pleased to be the first manufacturer in our industry to meet the latest code requirements, and look forward to working with ICC-ES again. This is a major step in mainstreaming the use of container based structures in the industry.”

ICC-ES encourages manufacturers to comply with the most current codes to increase market acceptance. A number of updated AC’s are available for purchase online. For more information about updating your product’s code compliance to the latest codes, contact ICC-ES at 800-423-6587, x3877 or es@icc-es.org.

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