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Revisions to Simpson Strong-Tie ESR-3403 Address Horizontal Reinforced Concrete Diaphragms

Advances to ICC-ES AC125 include seismic strengthening of concrete diaphragms

Brea, CA –Simpson Strong-Tie recently completed a technical revision to the ICC-ES evaluation report for its Composite Strengthening Systems (CSS) to comply with the latest edition of AC125, dated October 2019. AC125 – for Concrete and Reinforced and Unreinforced Masonry Strengthening Using Externally Bonded Fiber-reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Systems – was revised and approved during the ICC-ES Evaluation Committee meeting in October 2019 to include recognition for strengthening of horizontal reinforced concrete diaphragms, including chords and collectors, and in December of 2020 to add the 2021 IBC.

Products covered by ESR-3403 are now in compliance with the latest edition of AC125. Simpson Strong-Tie is the first report holder under AC125 to include recognition for horizontal reinforced concrete diaphragm chord and collector strengthening.

“We are pleased to update Simpson Strong-Tie’s CSS evaluation report, as they continue to understand the value, quality and wide acceptance of ICC-ES evaluation reports,” said ICC-ES President, Shahin Moinian P.E.

“FRP strengthening of concrete diaphragms, chords and collectors provides a distinct advantage over other traditional retrofit methods for concrete diaphragms,” said Simpson Strong-Tie Development Manager Aniket Borwankar. “We commend ICC-ES staff for addressing this much needed criteria in the latest AC125 document. The updates to our ESR for CSS strengthening systems reflects our commitment to innovate and develop design solutions for the engineering community. In addition, we are excited to be the first to earn the recognition for diaphragm chord and collector strengthening in our report.”

The evaluation report for Simpson Strong-Tie may be downloaded free of charge here.

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