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New OG-300 Supplement for Puerto Rico Now Available

ICC-SRCC expands options to meet product certification needs in the Caribbean

Brea, Calif. – ICC Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC) is now providing a new Puerto Rico supplement for OG-300 certifications that provides specific performance ratings to meet specific local needs. The optional supplement is available to any SRCC OG-300 certification holder. The supplement provides unique performance ratings and information to support various programs promoting or requiring the use of solar water heaters on the island.

Puerto Rico, like many islands in the surrounding Caribbean region, has water usage, construction and weather-related considerations that differ from those in the continental US. In addition to abundant sunshine, limited seasonal changes and higher supply water temperatures, domestic water usage has been found to be significantly lower than elsewhere in North America. To address this, the new OG-300 Puerto Rico Supplement provides performance ratings at four additional hot water loads. These load patterns are defined by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in their test methods for Uniform Energy Factor. The DOE Very Small, Low, Medium and High-Usage draw patterns total 10, 38, 55 and 84 gallons of hot water per day, respectively. This contrasts with the standard SRCC OG-300 hot water pattern of 64 gallons per day, used for all other OG-300 ratings.

The additional performance ratings help system designers by allowing them to appropriately size systems for the unique needs of consumers in the region. The Puerto Rico Supplement also provides information on ENERGY STAR certification, when applicable, since it is used in the area.

For more information on the OG-300 Puerto Rico Supplement, contact SRCC at srcc@solar-rating.org, using the Contact Us page on our website or Alonso Morlesin at 888-422-7233, extension 7741.


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