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New Acceptance Criteria Approved for Low-Carbon Alternative Cements
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 16, 2022
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AC529 provides much-needed requirements to the cement and concrete industry 

Brea, CA – During the February 2022 ICC-ES Evaluation Committee public hearing a new ICC-ES acceptance criteria (AC529) for the use of low-carbon alternative cements for use in concrete in lieu of the conventional code-compliant cements was unanimously approved.

The International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC) – the predominant codes in the United States for building construction- currently do not have provisions for evaluation of alternative cements. Therefore, acceptance criteria AC529 was developed by ICC-ES engineers and interested parties to show building code compliance, and applies to low-carbon alternative cements that are activated by either water, or a proprietary activator supplied by the manufacturer.

“On average, over 10 billion tons of concrete are produced every year worldwide, and demand is expected to increase as population grows. AC529 provides much-needed requirements to the cement and concrete industry to safely use alternative cements in concrete production, including the pertinent testing,” stated Dr. Mahmut Ekenel, ICC-ES Senior Staff Engineer.

The Acceptance Criteria establish technical requirements for issuance of ICC-ES evaluation reports, which are intended for use by code officials and design professionals in determining product compliance with applicable codes.

Learn more about ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria development. ICC-ES encourages manufacturers to comply with the most current codes to increase market acceptance.


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