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ICC-SRCC and DIN CERTCO Bring the SOLERGY Label to North America

Eco-label is designed to help consumers understand the benefits of solar thermal collectors


Brea, Calif. – ICC Solar Rating Certification Corporation (ICC-SRCC) and DIN CERTCO have partnered to bring an energy efficiency label to North America. As countries have worked to promote energy efficiency throughout the world, several labels have emerged to help consumers understand the performance and energy savings of different products. Many of these labels are focused exclusively on the reduction of energy consumption and do not account for the impact of site-sourced energy sources on overall consumption. This makes it difficult to compare products like solar water heaters with other, more traditional water heating technologies. To address this, DIN CERTCO, together with the Solar Heat Initiative (SHI), released a label for solar thermal collectors based on the European energy label, also known as the ErP label in 2016. While the label first focused on the EU region, it is now available in North America through ICC-SRCC.

This optional label joins the certifications and ratings of solar collectors that ICC-SRCC provides under the OG-100 program. Through the collaboration, manufacturers of solar thermal collectors can now apply to ICC-SRCC to obtain the SOLERGY label for any qualifying liquid-heating collector certified under the OG-100 program. ICC-SRCC then works with DIN CERTCO to develop the SOLERGY standardized performance ratings for North American climate zones and generate the SOLERGY consumer label.

The label gives an easy-to-read performance rating ranging from A- to AAA, showing the energy produced per unit area for different climates in North America. It also references the ICC-SRCC OG-100 certification, which provides additional performance information and compliance with regional minimum durability and safety requirements.

The SOLERGY label helps consumers choose a sustainable and cost-effective solar thermal generator.

“We are pleased to be working with DIN CERTCO and SHI to bring this product label to North America,” says Shawn Martin, ICC-SRCC VP of Technical Services. “It can sometimes be difficult for consumers to appreciate the performance benefits that products like solar water heaters can bring. Tools like the SOLERGY label provide manufacturers with another option that works well with existing regional certifications like OG-100.”

Ongoing collaboration between leading global solar thermal evaluation and certification bodies, like ICC-SRCC in the United States and DIN CERTCO in Germany, continues to yield benefits for manufacturers and consumers alike.

“We are delighted to have found a great partner in ICC-SRCC, with whom the label can grow beyond European borders. We are convinced that the label will bring a great benefit to North America,” said Dr. Ina Förster, Product Manager at DIN CERTCO.

ICC-SRCC’s solar thermal experts provide fast, efficient service together with trusted performance ratings. By working with other respected certification bodies like DIN CERTCO, ICC-SRCC can bring innovative and proven solutions to the North American market, all while continuing to provide compliance assessments that regional code officials and incentive programs count on.




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