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ICC-ES Solutions Highlighted in Dubai Workshop: “Enabling Safe & Successful Use of Innovative Building Materials, Systems and Methods”

 Inaugural International Code Council MENA event engaged key players in the region’s construction industry.

Dubai, UAE –The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regional office of the International Code Council promotes the International Code Council family of solutions within the MENA region to meet growing needs to ensure safe, affordable, and sustainable buildings and communities. This includes robust evaluation and certification of innovative products, in addition to model codes, code evaluation, product certification, inspection, plan review and testing services.

ICC-ES solutions were the focus of the one-day technical workshop that served as the inaugural event of the International Code Council’s MENA office on February 15, 2023. It featured leading experts and key stakeholders who shared their knowledge, insight, and plans for advocating for a stringent approach to ensuring building safety and fostering innovation.


Developing Compliance Pathways from a Regulatory Perspective; Dubai Municipality’s collaboration with ICC-ES for product evaluation.

Sustainable and Material-Efficient Construction with Unidome and Void-Former Technology; Internationally recognized material-efficient construction methods to eliminate waste. Unidome is an ICC-ES Evaluation Service Report (ESR) holder, with products evaluated to the Dubai Building Code.

Attendees and special guests included Shahin Moinian, president of ICC-ES, Dominic Sims, ICC CEO, and officials from the Dubai Municipality, US Embassy, and the Saudi Building Code National Committee (SBCNC).

“We look forward to working closely with international experts and building safety stakeholders to better understand and implement innovative solutions for the growing construction industry in KSA and UAE markets, with the end goal of helping manufacturers obtain approval for installation in new global markets.” says Shahin Moinian, president of ICC-ES.

KSA and UAE construction markets are growing at rates that outpace global averages, yet stringent and effective regulatory compliance procedures are still in development. ICC-ES’s international industry experts are ready to meet those challenges and provide ESRs for global acceptance.

About ICC-ES

ICC-ES is the leading evaluation service for innovative building materials, components and systems. ICC-ES Evaluation Reports (ESRs), Building Product Listings and PMG Listings provide evidence that products and systems meet requirements of codes and technical standards worldwide, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and the MENA region. ICC-ES is a member of the ICC family of solutions.

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