ICC News Release
For Immediate Release
ICC-ES Seeks Interested Individuals to Serve on its Listing Committee

The ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) seeks to fill openings on the ICC-ES PMG Listing Committee, starting January 1, 2021, with qualified individuals who will evaluate proposed listing criteria prepared by staff concerning PMG listing products. Candidates must be representatives of a jurisdiction enforcing plumbing, mechanical and fuel gas regulations. Comments, by industry members and academic experts, presented during public hearings or in written form, provide input to the committee. Committee decisions are based on whether there is sufficient evidence that the listing criteria addresses code official’s needs in enforcing building regulations.

The PMG Listing Committee will conduct monthly conference calls that may last three hours. Appointees are expected to participate fully in all committee meetings.

New committee appointments are for a 12-month term, with eligibility for subsequent terms based on performance and committee participation. Individuals interested in being considered for the PMG Listing Committee should submit the attached application.

Participation on the PMG Listing Committee provides an excellent opportunity for you to share your expertise while also enhancing your career resume.

Applications will be accepted until February 28, 2021.

ICC-ES PMG listing program assists code enforcement professionals to determine whether plumbing, mechanical or fuel gas products comply with codes and applicable standards. The PMG Listing Program certifies products in the areas of plumbing, mechanical and fuel gas. While most listing programs only verify that products adhere to standards, the ICC-ES program provides comprehensive coverage of both codes and standards. This may include listings regarding sustainability under standards such as CALGreen (California Green Building Standards Code), IgCC (International Green Construction Code), green rating systems and ICC-ES Evaluation Guidelines. ICC-ES evaluation reports are public documents, available free of charge at www.icc-es.org, to building regulators, and manufacturers, as well as contractors, specifiers, architects, engineers and anyone with an interest in the building industry.

Please click here to access the application.