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ICC-ES President Moinian Appointed Chair of PMI Allied Member Committee

ICC-ES President Moinian Appointed Chair of PMI Allied Member Committee
Selection based on leadership and demonstrated commitment to PMI

ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) President Shahin Moinian has been named chair of the new Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) Allied Member Committee. Committee members are non-manufacturing organizations involved with the plumbing manufacturing industry such as certification bodies, raw materials suppliers and organizations that provide statistical data.

“This activity will help make the allied member involvement in PMI’s objectives more effective,” said Moinian. “I am honored to have been chosen to serve as chair.”  

Moinian will serve in an advisory role and seek to understand and represent the collective interests of the Allied Membership to the PMI Board of Directors.

The scope of the Allied Member Committee is to:

  • Participate with the Board and PMI membership with regard to legislative-related efforts as well as general outreach activities.
  • Collaborate with members in regard to code changes submitted to code developing bodies.
  • When possible or applicable, support PMI’s position with City Jurisdiction (conformity assessment issues, product marking issues, etc.)

“We are delighted to have Shahin in this important leadership role,” said Fernando Fernandez, PMI President and Director of Codes and Standards, TOTO USA. “He has been a long-time participant in and advocate of PMI. We look forward to working with him on initiatives to enhance PMI’s value to both allied and manufacturing members.”

PMI President Fernando Fernandez appointed Moinian to a one-year term serving with Allied Member Committee Board Liaison Scott McDonald. Fernandez selected Moinian based on leadership, demonstrated commitment to PMI, and attendance at PMI meetings and forums.

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About PMI
Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) is a trade association of plumbing products manufacturers. Its member companies produce most of the nation’s plumbing products. The association functions as a sounding board for its members, a source for industry and market information, and as a coordinating and decision-making body for dealing with industry issues. It is active in many arenas as it helps develop and maintain standards and codes, and works closely with government agencies at all levels – federal, state and local.