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ICC-ES Issues ESR-2502 to Powers Fasteners for Wedge Expansion Anchors for use in tops of steel deck profiles with 2.5-inch topping thickness

ICC-ES Issues ESR-2502 to Powers Fasteners for Wedge Expansion Anchors
First ESR published covering wedge expansion anchors for use in tops of steel deck profiles with 2.5-inch topping thickness

ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) commitment to customer service and rapid turn-around of its industry-leading evaluation reports resulted in the quick update to Powers Fasteners ESR-2502 to include recognition of its new wedge expansion anchors – Powers Power-Stud+ SD2 Carbon Steel Anchors, Power-Stud+ SD4 Stainless Steel Anchors and Power-Stud+ SD6 Stainless Steel Anchors in Cracked and Uncracked Concrete. DEWALT (Stanley Black & Decker) is an additional listee on this report. The report confirms structural compliance with 2015, 2012, 2009 and 2006 International Codes, Abu Dhabi International Building Code and Florida Building Codes and provides design and construction professionals with new options for building safe and code compliant structures.

“Ensuring that structurally related products meet code requirements is important to the resilience of buildings and ultimately, life safety,” said ICC-ES President, Shahin Moinian. “Our engineers thoroughly evaluated these products for code compliance using the latest process that helped rapidly propel this project through to completion.”

The Powers Power-Stud+ SD2 carbon steel anchors and SD4 and SD6 stainless steel anchors are used to resist static, wind and seismic tension and shear loads in cracked and uncracked normal-weight and sand-lightweight concrete.

“ICC-ES worked thoroughly and efficiently and was able to issue this report in a little over four months,” said Powers Fasteners Vice President of Technical Services, Mark Ziegler. “We are excited to be able to offer wedge expansion anchors for use in the top of steel decks profiles with a 2.5-inch topping thickness in addition to carbon steel and stainless steel expansion anchors for cracked concrete and seismic applications. With the ICC-ES evaluation report, Code Officials will be able to approve these products for installation with confidence after reviewing the report.”

The anchors are torque-controlled, mechanical expansion anchors comprised of an anchor body, expansion wedge (clip), washer and hex nut. The anchor body is comprised of a high-strength carbon or stainless steel rod threaded at one end and having a tapered mandrel at the other end. The tapered mandrel is enclosed by a three-section expansion clip, which freely moves around the mandrel. The expansion clip movement is restrained by the mandrel taper and by a collar.

ESR-2052 includes design and installation instructions, conditions of use, information on required special inspections and several detailed tables and figures to assist in design, construction and code compliance verification.

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