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ICC-ES Issues ESR-2092 to NUDURA Inc. for Insulated Concrete Form Wall System

ICC-ES Issues ESR-2092 to NUDURA Inc. for Insulated Concrete Form Wall System
Report demonstrates compliance to the latest codes and standards title

ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES)—the experts in building product evaluation and certification—has issued ESR-2092 to NUDURA Inc. for their Insulated Concrete Form Wall System, providing evidence they comply with the code requirements of the 2015, 2012 and 2009 International Building Codes® (IBC) and International Residential Codes® (IRC).

The Insulated Concrete Form Wall System is used as stay-in-place formwork for structural concrete, load-bearing and non-load bearing, below grade and above grade walls. The product consists of expanded polystyrene foam plastic panels connected with plastic cross-ties, and valid through November 2018.

“We are pleased to publish this report for NUDURA Inc. to the latest 2015 I-Codes and AC353 requirements, allowing them to provide industry-leading reports to Code Officials, Engineers, Specifiers and other construction industry professionals,” said ICC-ES President, Shahin Moinian, P.E. “In an era when there are a number of new comers in the industry, we are happy that NUDURA Inc. chose the experience and expertise of ICC-ES for its conformity assessment needs.”

“NUDURA Inc. is pleased and proud to continue its long standing relationship with ICC-ES. Although we know there are choices in Evaluation Service Providers, we believe that the vast majority of U.S Building Officials continue to trust ICC-ES for competent, authoritative and independent reports when it comes to Insulating Concrete Form Evaluation. ICC-ES remains the only entity that is accredited to the requirement of ISO/IEC 17065 to conduct product evaluation to its ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria AC-12 for Foam Plastics and AC-353 for Insulating Concrete Forms. This can’t be said of any other Evaluation Agency,” said Keven Rector, Technical Services Manager at Nudura Corporation.

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