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ICC-ES Provides Concrete Environmental Product Declarations Now Required by GSA

Brea, CA – The US General Services Administration (GSA) released requirements for Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and emissions targets for concrete and asphalt for GSA buildings. The new low embodied carbon concrete standard requires GSA project contractors to provide EPDs, where available. As a Type III Program Operator, ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) is qualified to verify and publish EPDs that provide exactly this type of summary.

Life Cycle Assessment, or LCAs, detail the environmental impacts of a product across all of its life stages – material extraction, production, transportation, installation, use and end of life. Through a strategic partnership with an industry leader in LCAs, ICC-ES can complete a robust environmental product certification that covers the full impacts of a product across all phases.

“As a Type III Program Operator, ICC-ES provides manufacturers an opportunity to establish third-party verification of their commitment to environmentally conscious building products through the EPD program,” says Eric Polzin, ICC-ES Environmental Program Manager.

The GSA standards are the first in the US to apply beyond a local jurisdiction and will help strengthen American leadership in clean manufacturing and propel clean energy innovation.

ICC-ES also maintains an agreement with the American Concrete Institute Center NEU in support of carbon neutrality. Learn more about the ICC-ES EPD program here.

If you have any questions or are interested in obtaining an Environmental Production Declaration, please contact Eric Polzin at epolzin@icc-es.org or 888-422-7233 ext. 5270.


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