ICC-ES Enhanced ESR Report

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Streamlining Projects, Empowering Professionals
Introducing the Enhanced ICC-ES Evaluation Report

Building professionals and manufacturers can enjoy the upgraded visibility and usability of ICC-ES Evaluation Reports:

  • A streamlined single-column format for improved readability and usability
  • Company logo and product image featured prominently on the front page
  • Improved in-report navigation with links to specific referenced sections of the report including supplement reports, tables and figures
  • An in-report pop-up of the detailed scope of the applicable ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria (AC)
  • External links to easily access the referenced code books
  • All the same comprehensive technical content and important product evaluation information as before!

The enhanced evaluation report is just one of many ways ICC-ES continues to improve the user experience, helping to increase the efficiency of your product review process. The enhanced report also complements the new design of the 2024 I-Codes.

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