ICC-ES PMG, SAI Global Release New Plumbing Product Listings

ICC-ES PMG, SAI Global Release New Plumbing Product Listings
Cooperative effort provides manufacturers broader entry to global markets

The ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) PMG Listing Program and SAI Global, have issued two new listings for two Australian manufacturers. ICC-ES and SAI offer a dual certification program for all plumbing, mechanical and gas product manufacturers. The cooperative effort reduces inspection fees and combined factory audits to manufacturers who successfully certify their plumbing products with both ICC-ES and SAI Global. Manufacturers who use the program may display both the ICC-ES and SAI Global marks of conformity on certified products.Philmac Pty, Ltd. received PMG-1253 and SAI Global’s Watermark License WMKA21131 for its compression fittings used on polyethylene pipes for pressure applications.

“We are happy to receive this listing from ICC-ES PMG,” said Geoff Puckett, Philmac Product Development Manager. “It allows us to save time with a combined annual factory audit and reduces our cost by conducting in-house mechanical testing.”

The ProAcqua Group received PMG-1265 and the SAI Global Watermark License WMK25827 for its water filtration system.

“The ICC-ES PMG listing, with combined testing under SAI Global’s Watermark License allows us to expand our operations in the U.S.,” said Joe Muscara, Partner, The ProAcqua Group.

SAI Global is Australia’s leading and largest certification body. “Provided the product carries the Watermark Certification, it will be accepted throughout Australia, subject to installation in accordance with plumbing and drainage requirements and any possible additional local requirements,” said Simon Fraser, Team Leader –Plumbing, Product Services, SAI Global.

“As a result of this cooperation, manufacturers can obtain expedited ICC-ES PMG and SAI Global listings with quick acceptance by officials in North America as well as Australia at a lower cost,” said ICC-ES PMG Program Director Dawn La Fleur-Qualley. “This cooperation provides manufacturers with one point of contact for two highly reputable organizations.”

For more information about the cooperative program, contact Qiaoli Meng, ICC-ES PMG Staff Engineer at 1-800-423-6587, ext. 3777, or e-mail qmeng@icc-es.org

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