ICC-ES Continues to Grow its Customer Base in China Supporting Manufacturers Globally

ICC-ES Continues to Grow its Customer Base in China Supporting Manufacturers Globally
Kitchen and Bath China Exhibit Produces Positive Results

“If the specific design complies with American standards, which tests do I need to do to pass certification?” “How long does it take to complete a certification?” “What type of certification does ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) PMG offer? What is the difference between ICC-ES and similar companies?” These were the most frequently asked questions by manufacturers and wholesalers who visited the ICC-ES PMG booth at the Kitchen and Bath Show China (KBC).

ICC-ES PMG received new applications that continue ICC-ES’ expansion into the Chinese market. This was the 19th year for the show and the third time ICC-ES PMG has exhibited. The event, held last month in Shanghai, China’s financial and economic center, hosted more than 3,400 exhibitors and 87,000 attendees. It is the largest trade show in China for kitchen and bath products. It attracts all the major manufacturers, professionals and consumers from around the world.

ICC-ES PMG staff—Maribel Campos, ICC-ES PMG Director of Standards and Qiaoli Meng, ICC-ES PMG staff engineer—interacted with manufacturers and other attendees who were enthusiastic to learn about the ICC-ES certification process for new product listings. Several were eager to begin the ICC-ES PMG listing process. ICC-ES staff also met with existing clients developed at prior KBIS China events. Ningbo Comfort (PMG-1218) and Xiamen Sprint Showers Technology Co. Ltd. (PMG-1200 and PMG-1201) expressed satisfaction with their ICC-ES PMG listings that allowed them to export products to the U.S. and Canada.

“We had quite a bit of traffic coming to our booth asking questions about our service, and the difference between ICC-ES and other certifiers,” said Meng. “We received a lot of interest and accepted initial application paperwork during the event.” Click here to view photos.

The ICC-ES PMG Listing Program has wide acceptance in North America and offers significant savings compared to competing listing services. The program does not require warehouse inspections or fees for additional company listings. When applying for an ICC-ES PMG listing, ICC-ES can also certify products to AB1953, NSF/ANSI Standard 372, S.3874 (Federal Law for Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water) and the requirements of WaterSense free of charge. For more information, contact ICC-ES at 1-800-423-6587, ext. 7643, or by e-mail at espmg@icc-es.org.

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A nonprofit, limited liability company, ICC-ES is the United States’ leading evaluation service for innovative building materials, components and systems. ICC-ES Evaluation Reports (ESRs), Building Product Listings and PMG Listings provide evidence that products and systems meet requirements of codes and technical standards. Reports from both listing programs are now accepted in Canada. The ICC-ES  Environmental Programs issue VAR environmental reports that verify a product meets specific sustainability targets defined by today’s codes, standards, green rating systems and ICC-ES environmental criteria. The Environmental Programs offer Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and validation/verification of EPDs to meet global market demand for science-based, transparent, quality-assured information about a product’s environmental performance. ICC-ES is a subsidiary of the International Code Council® (ICC®). For more information, please visit www.icc-es.org.