Archived Success Stories

Category Title Date
ICC-ES Evaluating the Possibilities-Building Codes and Innovation 07/01/2008
ICC-ES High Wind/Seismic Regions Require Sound Structural Alternatives 08/01/2008
ICC-ES New Fiber Stucco Lath Creates Industry Buzz 09/01/2008
ICC-ES Innovative Materials Made with 50 Percent Recycled Materials 09/01/2008
ICC-ES Between the Lines of a Recycled Newspaper-Based Insulation Product 10/01/2008
ICC-ES ICC-ES MiTek Hinge Plate Evaluation 01/08/2009
ICC-ES Turning Up the Heat: Prefabricated Masonry Fireplaces Provide Appealing Alternative 04/03/2009
ICC-ES ITW Red Head designs anchor to hold against seismic stress 01/15/2010
ICC-ES ICC-ES® Evaluation Report Gives Modular Building Company a Competitive Edge 03/01/2010
ICC-ES Innovative Hilti Fastening System Earns ICC-ES Recognition 03/01/2010
ICC-ES Innovative Additive Provides New Option in Reduced Weight Concrete 08/26/2010
ICC-ES Unique Steel Framing System Meets IBC Requirements 01/13/2011
ICC-ES Gorilla Decking® and Vinyl Railing Systems Offer More Design Choices and Improved Safety 03/18/2011
ICC-ES Smart Vents Prevent Foundation Flood Damage and Lower Flood Insurance Costs 05/11/2011
ICC-ES Ram Jack® Foundation Systems Provide Stability Quickly and Cost Effectively 06/10/2011
ICC-ES Step on the Gas: ICC-ES Evaluation Reports Increase the Speed of New Product Acceptance 09/27/2011
ICC-ES SAVE Going green… from the inside out with Nu-Wool 07/20/2009
ICC-ES SAVE The days of unverified green products are over…with Icynene’s innovative new foam insulation 07/20/2009
ICC-ES SAVE Recycled Content Earns European Copper’s Chimney Pots One of the First ICC-ES® SAVE™ Reports 09/18/2009
ICC-ES SAVE From the ground up: go green with iLevel® by Weyerhaeuser 09/24/2009
ICC-ES SAVE Innovative insulation from Demilec is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly 12/04/2009
ICC-ES SAVE The Green Building Movement–– it’s not a fad, it’s the future 12/04/2009
ICC-ES SAVE Trex Composite Wood Products Obtain Sustainable Attributes Verification Report from ICC-ES 07/30/2010
ICC-ES SAVE Huber Engineered Woods Attributes Verified Sustainable by ICC-ES 01/13/2011
ICC-ES SAVE Building with Boise Cascade Means Building Green 04/22/2011
ICC-ES SAVE Manufacturers represented by CISPI enjoy recognition of their products for green attributes as well as for code compliance 12/09/2011
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG (Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas) Listing expedites approval process for Giles Ventless/Recirculating Hoods 01/08/2009
ICC-ES-PMG ePIPE* makes leaky water pipes history with new technology 04/27/2009
ICC-ES-PMG Studor’s Innovative Air Admittance Valves Receive ICC-ES® PMG Listing 09/17/2009
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES® PMG Listing Adds to Shower of Success for Quick Drain USA 09/28/2009
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES® PMG Listing Boosts High-Velocity Air System 09/28/2009
ICC-ES-PMG Manufacturers represented by CISPI enjoy recognition of their products for green attributes as well as for code compliance 12/09/2011