Quality Control Documentation
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Applicants for new ICC-ES evaluation reports (or conversions of legacy reports to ICC-ES reports) are required to provide quality documentation for the products to be covered in the report. If there is more than one manufacturing location for the products, there may be one set of documentation that applies to all locations, or there may be separate documentation for each location. Whatever the case, the documentation must comply fully with the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Quality Documentation (AC10).

Report applicants need to submit to ICC-ES all the information noted in Appendices A and B of AC10. At the time of the qualifying inspection, the inspector will check the completeness of the documentation by filling out the ICC-ES Qualifying Inspection Report (Form Q-21). The inspector will also verify that the manufacturer is actually operating in accordance with the quality documentation, and that the product being manufactured is consistent with the product information submitted to ICC-ES. See the Manufacturer Inspections page on this web site.

For cases where the report holder and the manufacturer are different, and the manufacturer is not an additional listee on the report, the report holder and the manufacturer will have to jointly fill out and submit the form shown as Appendix C in AC10.

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