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ICC-ES Issues First Supplement to Oregon Building Code under AC449 for Tension-controlled Open Web Steel Joists
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ICC-ES Issues First Supplement to Oregon Building Code under AC449 for Tension-controlled Open Web Steel Joists

Tailored report supplement provides solution for proof of compliance to regional codes, enabling a streamlined product installation approval process

Brea, CA – ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) has issued the first supplement to the 2019 Oregon Structural Specialty Code (OSSC), highlighting the growing need for proof of code compliance to local building codes. Open web steel joists with wood nailers attached are commonly used in the West Coast region, including Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona. Oregon is a very important market segment for this particular structural product.

New Millennium’s WN-Series Joist is an open web steel joist with a continuous wood nailer screw attached to the joist top chord. The double angle steel top chord with continuous wood nailer has been demonstrated to consistently provide additional strength above and beyond the nominal top chord compressive design strength. This allows New Millennium to economically design the WN-Series as a tension controlled joist under gravity loads, in accordance with ICC-ES AC-449.

“New Millennium appreciates the assistance of ICC-ES in bringing to market this WN-Series hybrid joist design in which the strengths of both steel and wood are used to provide a superior product in the wood nailer joist market,” said Joseph K. Voigt, P.E., Marketing and Business Development Manager for New Millennium Building Systems, LLC. “The ICC-ES engineers and staff have diligently reviewed our design procedures, test data, and other supporting documentation for the WN-Series Joist in preparation of this report and accompanying supplements, demonstrating compliance with IBC, CBC, LABC, and OSSC.”

“We are excited about the publication of New Millennium’s ICC-ES Evaluation Report for their WN-Series Joist”, said Will Utsey, P.E., Regional VP of Engineering for ICC-ES. “This is the first ICC-ES report evaluated under the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Tension-controlled Open Web Steel Joists (AC449), and a meaningful step for the structural building product segment.”

ESR-3376 also includes a Los Angeles Building Code and California Building Code supplement and is available for free public viewing. AC449 for Tension-controlled Open Web Steel Joists is available for purchase here.


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