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ICC-ES Issues ESR-4069 to StructureCraft DowelLam for First All-Wood Mass Timber Panel in North America
ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) is pleased to announce the publication of ICC ESR-4069 Evaluation Report for StructureCraft DowelLamTM dowel-laminated timber (DLT) deck panels for roof and floor construction.

DowelLam is the first all-wood mechanically laminated mass timber panel in North America, providing architects, engineers and developers greater versatility in designing with mass timber. DowelLam deck mass timber panels are manufactured from dimension lumber mechanically laminated utilizing wood dowels. The panels provide optimal structural performance, carbon sequestration and the natural aesthetic of wood (where exposed) in the built environment.

The ICC-ES report provides evidence of compliance with requirements of the 2018, 2015, 2012 and 2009 International Building Code; the 2018, 2015, 2012 and 2009 International Residential Code; the 2017 City of Los Angeles Building Code; the 2017 City of Los Angeles Residential Code; the 2016 California Building Code; the 2016 California Residential Code; and the 2017 Florida Building Code.

“It was a pleasure working with StructureCraft,” said Code Council Senior Staff Engineer Jeff Filler. “Knowing that we helped StructureCraft succeed in the market by evaluating this new and exciting product is a great accomplishment for our team. ESR-4069 allows easier product approval for code officials and offers the customers peace of mind.”

ICC-ES offers a comprehensive product evaluation service for tall wood building products including connectors, fasteners, and cross-laminated timber panels in accordance with ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria AC13, AC233 and AC455.

The evaluation report for StructureCraft DowelLam is available for free download here. Additional information is available from StructureCraft. To learn more about ICC-ES evaluation reports, visit www.icc-es.org.


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