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ICC-ES Issues ESR-3631 to Structurlam Products LP for CrossLam® CLT Cross-Laminated Timber Panels

ICC-ES Issues ESR-3631 to Structurlam Products LP for CrossLam® CLT Cross-Laminated Timber Panels
Report demonstrates compliance to the latest codes and standards

ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES)—the experts in building product evaluation and certification—has issued ESR-3631 to Structurlam Products LP for their CrossLam® cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels, providing evidence CrossLam® CLT panels comply with the code requirements of the 2015 International Building Codes® (IBC) and International Residential Codes® (IRC).  Cross laminated timber (CLT) is a relatively new technology involving the efficient use of the timber resource in manufacturing “mass timber” building components.  CLT structures often experience faster construction times and also result in net carbon negative buildings.

ICC-ES evaluates innovative building products for compliance with the I-codes.  Many of today’s building materials involve cutting-edge technologies, while others use more traditional materials in a unique or new way.  The recently published ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-3631 for Structurlam CrossLam® CLT panels is a prime example.  ESR-3631 was published in September 2016 and is based on compliance with the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Cross-Laminated Timber Panels for Use as Components in Floor and Roof Decks (AC455).  The criteria provides a detailed roadmap for how manufacturers can demonstrate compliance for use of CLT as components in floor and roof decks in Type I and II Construction (IBC), and in roof and floor decks in Type III (interior floor decks only), Type IV or Type V construction (IBC).

CLT is also currently included in Chapter 6 of the 2015 International Building Code® (IBC) for use in Type IV Heavy Timber construction up to six stories in height.  Very distinguished and creative buildings are currently being designed and constructed with this innovative CLT panel product.  In certain cases, local jurisdictions have also approved the use of CLT panels and other mass timber products for use in even taller wood buildings.

Along with CLT panels, there are numerous other related products used in mass timber construction, including adhesives, fasteners such as nails and special screws, metal connectors, glulam and nail laminated timber, structural composite lumber, and even fire protection materials.  ICC-ES offers a comprehensive suite of Acceptance Criteria for evaluation of these types of innovative products.  Many manufacturers are already taking advantage of the evaluation service, preparing for an exciting future and resurgence in mass timber design and construction.

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