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Manufacturer Inspections

Qualifying Inspections

Prior to publication of a new ICC-ES evaluation report, there must be a qualifying inspection of the facilities manufacturing products to be recognized in the evaluation report. The qualifying inspection is intended to verify that the manufactured products are consistent with the products described in the evaluation report, and that the manufacturer has documented and effectively implemented a quality control system that meets all requirements of the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Quality Documentation (AC10).

Below are current copies of Appendices A and B of AC10, and the ICC-ES Qualifying Inspection Report (Form Q-21). During the product evaluation process, Appendices A and B must be filled out by the report applicant and submitted to ICC-ES, to provide essential information on the quality system under which the product is manufactured. The Q-21 report is completed during the factory inspection, by a representative of either ICC-ES or a third-party, accredited inspection agency. Copies of the Q-21 are left with the manufacturer and forwarded to the ICC-ES technical staff for follow-up.

Click here [1] to download Appendix A.

Click here [2] to download Appendix B.

Right click here [3] (for better viewing, save as a Word file) to download Form Q-21.

Follow-up Inspections

All report holders are subject to regular, ongoing follow-up inspections or to annual inspections. Such inspections may be reported to ICC-ES using the Quality Control Inspection Summary Form or a form we call the Q-24.

Click here [4] to download the Quality Control Inspection Summary Form.

Click here [5]   to download Form Q-24.

During all inspections related to ICC-ES evaluation reports, the inspector will: