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ESR Mark of Conformity

Look for the ICC-ES Marks!

Code Officials look for the ICC-ES Marks on building and plumbing products for a peace of mind when approving products. ICC-ES is widely recognized for its thorough technical evaluations, speed and gold standard in customer service.

ICC-ES offers  Canadian Certification [1] for Building Product Listings in addition to EPA Energy Star [2] for Residential Insulation (Seal and Insulate) and Roofing Products. ICC-ES also offers certifications for PMG [3] Listings in Canada [4], India [5], WaterSense [6] and Low Lead. Additionally, through a cooperative agreement with SAI Global [7], ICC-ES offers plumbing and now building product certifications in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information, contact ICC-ES at es@icc-es.org [8] or 800-423-6587 ext. 1, Outside the U.S.: (+1) (562) 699-0543 ext. 1

For PMG questions contact ICC-ES PMG at espmg@icc-es.org [9] or 800-423-6587 ext. 7643