Australia / New Zealand

Certify Your Products for Distribution in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.
The ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) Building Product Evaluation Program and SAI Global have joined forces to offer a partnership program for all building product manufacturers. Having certified more than 3,000 manufacturers worldwide, SAI Global is Australia’s leading and largest certification body. Because of this cooperation, manufacturers can obtain expedited ICC-ES and SAI Global certifications with quick acceptance by officials in North America as well as Australia and New Zealand.This program offers combined factory audits and product testing to manufacturers who successfully certify their building products with both ICC-ES and SAI Global. Manufacturers who use this program may display both the ICC-ES and SAI Global’s marks of conformity on certified products.

As a subsidiary of the International Code Council, the ICC-ES Building Product Evaluation Program is backed by the knowledge and expertise of the Code Council’s industry alliances. In addition to Australia and New Zealand’s certification, ICC-ES also offers a full range of certification activities for both the United States and Canada. For more information about this program, contact Qiaoli Meng, ICC-ES PMG Staff Engineer at 1-800-423-6587, ext. 3777, or e-mail