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Alternative Criteria Process

August 2020

  • Items posted for public comment – forthcoming

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Alternative Criteria Development Process
The “alternative criteria development process” provides an alternative to the presentation of proposed criteria at triannual hearings of the Evaluation Committee, with the intention of providing quicker approval of new and revised acceptance criteria. A criteria qualifies for the alternative process only if, in the opinion of ICC-ES staff, it meets one or more of the following requirements:
  1. The subject is nonstructural, does not involve life-safety, and is already addressed in nationally recognized standards or generally accepted industry standards.
  2. The subject requires its own criteria, but precedent for the new document already exists in other criteria or in the code.
  3. Relatively minor (noncontroversial) revisions are being proposed to an existing criteria.

The alternative process is also used by the ICC-ES staff to gain public and Evaluation Committee input on preliminary criteria drafts that are not yet ready to be considered by the committee for approval.

The alternative criteria development process works this way:

  1. Every two months, criteria being considered under the alternative process are posted to the ICC-ES website, where they are maintained for 30 days.
  2. Through e-mail, ICC-ES notifies evaluation report holders, and anyone else who has requested notification, that the criteria have been posted and are available for public comment.
  3. For criteria proposals aimed at committee approval, the members of the ICC-ES Evaluation Committee are sent ballots, asked to review the posted documents, and given 30 days to submit their ballots.
  4. At the end of the 30-day posting, committee ballots (if applicable) and public comments are reviewed by the ICC-ES staff. Possible outcomes for each criteria are:
      1. Committee approval, followed by posting of the approved document to the ICC-ES website.
      2. Revisions to the proposed criteria, and reposting under the alternative process either for comments only or for comments and reballoting by the Evaluation Committee.
      3. A decision by the staff to take the proposal to a future public hearing of the Evaluation Committee, if the response to the proposal, in the opinion of the staff, raises major issues that need to be addressed.

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