Archived Important Notices

Title Date
Guideline for Seismic Performance Factors 12/03/2008
ICC-ES Sustainable Attributes Verification and Evaluation (SAVE) Program 12/03/2008
Cold-formed Steel Shear Walls — 2006 IBC 12/03/2008
Date for Compliance with 2009 Codes Extended 04/17/2009
Unauthorized Usage Notice to Building Regulatory Agencies 06/30/2009
Classified Roofing Systems 08/06/2009
Florida Specifies ICC-ES as a Statewide Construction Product Evaluator 07/07/2010
ICC-ES notes use of canceled evaluation reports: Engineered Rubber Products (ERP) and Surecrete International, Ltd. 12/03/2008
Notice: ReddiForm, Inc., Wire Works, Inc., and TruStone America, Inc. 12/03/2008
Use of canceled evaluation reports: BY Mix Design Methods, Inc., and by Trimax Building Products 12/03/2008
ICC-ES has issued a notice, aimed at the general public but particularly at code officials, concerning the mislabeling of certain felt underlayment 12/03/2008
An open discussion on a one-third increase when designing prefabricated lateral-force-resisting assemblies 12/03/2008
Public Notice Concerning Misleading Use of ICC-ES Evaluation Reports on Insulating Concrete Forms 12/03/2008
CBC Supplement Memo to Report Holders and Applicants 12/03/2008
Clarification on the Use of Allowable Stress Design 01/21/2009
Technical Review of Patio Cover Engineering Analysis 02/09/2009
AC308 Test Plans 02/19/2009
Reports Issued Under the Acceptance Criteria for Steel Deck Roof and Floor Systems (AC43) 12/21/2010
Notice to Parties Interested in Evaluation Reports on Spray-applied Foam Plastic Insulation 01/19/2011
Important Notice Regarding the Compliance Dates of Acceptance Criteria 05/04/2011
Notice Regarding HBCD Replacement in EPS 03/29/2012
Changes on the Horizon for Southern Pine Design Values (Revised) 04/23/2012
Notice regarding THERMASIP 04/24/2012
Conditioning of Specimens for Thermal Resistance Tests under AC377 (Acceptance Criteria for Spray-applied Foam Plastic Insulation) 10/31/2012
ICC-ES to Develop a Product Certification Program for Steel Studs and Tracks 11/13/2012
ICC-ES Changes Inspection Policy 05/01/2013
New Labeling Adopted for Preservative-treated Sawn Wood 10/17/2013
Important Notice to AC326 Report Holders and Inspection Agencies 11/13/2013
Clarification Bulletin to AC 232, Acceptance Criteria for Anchor Channels in Concrete Elements 04/30/2014
ICC-ES Seeks Interested Individuals to Serve on its New Board of Managers 05/14/2014
The ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) Seeks Interested Individuals to Serve on its New Evaluation Committee 07/11/2014