Unauthorized Usage

Unauthorized Usage Notice to Building Regulatory Agencies

ICC-ES is aware of a recent report published by a Product Certification Agency (PCA) that makes unauthorized and inappropriate use of an ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria. The Acceptance Criteria in question is AC264 (Wood Structural Panels Laminated with an Inert, Inorganic Fire Shield), dated October 2004. We have been made aware that AC264, which is directed to laminates, has been used by a PCA to recognize a coating that is factory-applied to OSB panels.

ICC-ES acceptance criteria are intended solely for use in the development of ICC-ES evaluation reports, and have not been approved by ICC-ES for use by others in publishing code-compliance reports or for product certification activities. Regulatory agencies are urged to check with ICC-ES before considering listings issued by PCAs, other than ICC-ES, that use ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria as the basis for their listing. The incorrect use of AC264 demonstrates the need to limit the use of ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria to ICC-ES evaluation reports, which is the purpose for which they were intended.

Questions should be directed to Michael O’Reardon, P.E., Regional Manager, at (800) 423-6587, extension 3289, or at es@icc-es.org.