Florida Specifies ICC-ES as a Statewide Construction Product Evaluator

Recently passed legislation in the state of Florida (House Bill 663) reconfirms ICC-Evaluation Service (ICC-ES)—a nonprofit, public-benefit corporation and a subsidiary of the International Code Council—as an approved evaluation entity in the state. As a result, ICC-ES report holders can continue to use ICC-ES evaluation reports on their products as the technical basis for applications for statewide approval with the Florida Building Commission.

This action taken by the Florida legislature also leaves in place ICC-ES approval as a validation entity in the state. The dual role of ICC-ES as both an independent evaluation entity and a validation entity is an added value for ICC-ES report holders, providing a cost-saving, turnkey service for manufacturers seeking evaluation and validation that their products are code compliant in Florida.

Although its role as a state-approved evaluation entity strictly involves only products that qualify for state-wide approval (panel walls, exterior doors, roofing, skylights, windows, shutters and structural components) under the jurisdiction of the Florida Building Commission, evaluations outside the statutory approval are not automatically granted and ICC-ES continues to issue reports based on the Florida Building Code on a wide range of products that fall outside the state-wide approval system. This extended service assists manufacturers who need to demonstrate code compliance and obtain approval on a local basis since statewide approval is not available for their products. It not only includes building products falling outside the statewide product approval system, but also includes products in other areas such as plumbing, mechanical and fuel gas. ICC-ES and its predecessor organizations have a trusted, long-term relationship with code officials throughout Florida. ICC-ES evaluation reports are widely recognized by local code officials in the state.

The Florida Codes with supplements are based on the International Codes developed by the International Code Council. The Code Council’s relationship with local officials reinforces ICC-ES as the preeminent provider of evaluations services in Florida.