Archived Announcements

Category Title Date
ICC-ES CertainTeed Ceilings Takes Advantage of ICC-ES’ Expedited Service for its Latest Evaluation Report 10/15/2013
ICC-ES Memo to Code Officials 10/16/2008
ICC-ES ES Recognized as Florida Validation Entity Memo to Code Officials 10/16/2008
ICC-ES Approval of ICC-ES Validated Product by Florida Building Commission is a Milestone 06/02/2009
ICC-ES ICC-ES® Evaluated and Validated ITW-TACC Mason Bond Adhesive Receives Florida Building Commission Approval 08/20/2009
ICC-ES Signs of Success for the Cooperative Agreement Between ICC-ES and Intertek 01/15/2010
ICC-ES USG First to Complete ICC-ES and UL Dual Evaluation/Certification 02/19/2010
ICC-ES ICC-ES/NCSEA Agreement Marks New Milestone for Building Safety 04/20/2010
ICC-ES ICC Evaluation Service and QAI Laboratories Align Resources To Expedite Building Product Testing and Evaluations 10/13/2010
ICC-ES ICC-ES Adds Managerial Staff as an Investment in the Future 01/25/2011
ICC-ES ICC-ES Revised Renewal Process and Fee Structure 02/08/2011
ICC-ES ICC-ES Includes Environmental Performance as an "Added Value" 06/23/2011
ICC-ES ICC-ES Establishes Joint Program with NTA to Provide Additional Resources to Manufacturers of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) 07/27/2011
ICC-ES Specifying Standardized and Alternative Products 07/28/2011
ICC-ES ICC-ES Experts to Speak at Singapore Conference on Green Buildings 08/18/2011
ICC-ES ICC-ES Expands Its Expertise in Fire Resistance and Flammability Requirements 09/14/2011
ICC-ES U.S. EPA Recognizes ICC-ES as Certification Body for the EPA Seal and Insulate with ENERGY STAR® Program 10/12/2011
ICC-ES ICC Evaluation Service and CSI Agree to Reference GreenFormat™ in ICC-ES Environmental Reports 11/04/2011
ICC-ES ICC-ES Expands Resources for Applicants 11/22/2011
ICC-ES Moinian named Senior Vice President, ICC-ES Growth Strategies and Certification Programs 01/12/2012
ICC-ES ICC-ES Moves to Reduce its Clients' "Time to Market" 01/13/2012
ICC-ES ICC-ES Strengthens Its Position as the Leader in Structurally Related Product Evaluations 02/08/2012
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues New Evaluation Reports Critical to the Building Industry 04/04/2012
ICC-ES Chinese PMG Manufacturers Draw Upon ICC-ES' Technical Expertise 04/09/2012
ICC-ES Code Green Webinar Huge Success 04/13/2012
ICC-ES ICC-ES Report Holders Comply With 2012 I-Codes 04/18/2012
ICC-ES ICC-ES Environmental Programs Launches New Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Program 05/08/2012
ICC-ES ICC Announces New Evaluation Service Leadership 07/05/2012
ICC-ES ICC-ES Staff Reorganization Will Reduce Evaluation Report Turnaround Time, Improve Customer Service 08/15/2012
ICC-ES ICC-ES Ensures Acceptance Criteria Complies with 2012 I-Codes 08/22/2012
ICC-ES ICC-ES Evaluation Reports Accepted by city of LA Department of Building Safety without Requiring City's Research Reports 10/16/2012
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues New PMG Listings to American Faucet and Coatings Corporation 11/07/2012
ICC-ES Manufacturers Benefit from New ICC-ES Initiatives 11/19/2012
ICC-ES ICC-ES Launches Listing Program for Building Products with an Eight-Week or less Turnaround Time 12/04/2012
ICC-ES ICC-ES, APA Agree to Offer Combined Reports for Engineered Wood Products 12/06/2012
ICC-ES New ICC-ES Expedited Service Earns Positive Response 01/17/2013
ICC-ES ICC Evaluation Service Issues Report on Innovative Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong Frame® Steel Special Moment Frame Connection 01/24/2013
ICC-ES ICC Evaluation Service Marks 10 Years of Nationwide Consolidation, Unparalleled Engineering Expertise and Robust Product Evaluation Process 02/11/2013
ICC-ES ICC-ES, CSSA Offer Product Certification Supplements for Steel Stud and Track Manufacturers 03/08/2013
ICC-ES L.A. Broadens Acceptance of ICC-ES Product Evaluations that Do Not Require City's Research Reports 03/27/2013
ICC-ES ICC-ES, Manufacturers Work Together to Ensure Evaluation Report Compliance with 2012 I-Codes 04/01/2013
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues New Building Product Listings to Requirements of ASTM E84 06/11/2013
ICC-ES SES Foam Receives ICC-ES ESR-3375 and EPA Seal and Insulate with Energy Star® Certification 06/13/2013
ICC-ES ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria Now Available in the ICC Online Store 06/20/2013
ICC-ES Manufacturers and Industry Respond to ICC-ES Achievements in 2013 08/12/2013
ICC-ES ICC-ES, Beijing Building Materials Testing Academy to Expand Services to Chinese Building Materials Manufacturers 08/14/2013
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues New Product Evaluation Reports for Powers Fasteners that Comply with the 2003-2012 IBC and IRC 09/11/2013
ICC-ES ICC Evaluation Service and International Code Council Active in Structural and Seismic Mitigation 09/30/2013
ICC-ES Construction, PMG Manufacturers Benefit from ICC-ES, CSTB Renewed Agreement for U.S. and European Evaluations, PMG Listings 10/30/2013
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues New EPA Seal and Insulate with ENERGY STAR® Certifications 02/04/2014
ICC-ES ICC, ICC-ES Receive Outstanding Support and Recognition at the International Builders' and Kitchen and Bath Shows 02/12/2014
ICC-ES ICC-ES Earns Prestigious WSSPC Award in Excellence 03/26/2014
ICC-ES ICC Evaluation Service Experiences Record-Setting Growth in 2014 04/04/2014
ICC-ES ICC Evaluation Service, QAI Laboratories Align Resources to Expedite Building Product Testing and Evaluations 04/14/2014
ICC-ES Loos & Co., Inc. Receives New ICC-ES Building Product Listing for Seismic Wire Rope/Cable Bracing System Components 04/04/2014
ICC-ES ICC-ES Engineer to Offer Expertise on SEAOSC Panel 06/13/2014
ICC-ES Conbraco Industries Chooses ICC Evaluation Service PMG Certification to Distribute in U.S. and Canada 04/24/2014
ICC-ES New Staff Add to ICC-ES Technical Expertise and Ensure Timely, Accurate Evaluations 06/17/2014
ICC-ES ICC-ES Supports Manufacturers to Comply with 2015 Codes 06/25/2014
ICC-ES Environmental Programs Experienced Green Building Expert to Lead ICC-ES Environmental Programs 06/01/2011
ICC-ES Environmental Programs ICC-ES Includes Environmental Performance as an "Added Value" 06/23/2011
ICC-ES Environmental Programs ICC-ES Experts to Speak at Singapore Conference on Green Buildings 08/18/2011
ICC-ES Environmental Programs ICC-ES Announces Membership of the New Environmental Committee 01/11/2012
ICC-ES Environmental Programs NCFI Polyurethanes Earns ICC-ES, EPA Seal and Insulate with ENERGY STAR® Certification 10/02/2013
ICC-ES-PMG ICC Evaluation Service and Underwriters Laboratories Announce First Client to Complete Dual PMG Listing Program 07/08/2010
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES Hires Moinian as Executive Director for PMG, SAVE Certifications 08/09/2010
ICC-ES-PMG TRANSFER AND SAVE: Transfer Your AB 1953 (Lead Plumbing Law) Certification Service to ICC-ES 09/28/2010
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG Issues Listing on Perma Liner Pipe Lining System 09/29/2010
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG Now Offers Product Certification to NSF/ANSI 61 for LESS 09/29/2010
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES is Now Evaluating Building Products to the Requirements of the IGCC 10/21/2010
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG Certifies Noble Company's FreeStyle Linear Drains 10/29/2010
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES Announces a Plastic Pipe and Fitting Certification Program That Saves Money for Manufacturers 11/01/2010
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG Certifies MASCO Shower Bases 11/17/2010
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES Makes It Simple for You to Transfer and Save 12/07/2010
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG to Certify Plumbing Products to the Federal Law for Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water at No Charge 01/07/2011
ICC-ES-PMG Tyler Pipe, a Member of CISPI, Moves to Get All Its Products Certified by ICC-ES 01/27/2011
ICC-ES-PMG AB&I Foundry, Another Member of CISPI, Moves to Certify Products with ICC-ES 02/23/2011
ICC-ES-PMG ANSI Expands ICC-ES PMG/WaterSense Program Accreditation to Include High-Efficiency Showerheads 03/15/2011
ICC-ES-PMG "Transfer and Save" Program for Plastic Pipe and Fitting Manufacturers to Become Permanent Part of the ICC-ES Portfolio 04/20/2011
ICC-ES-PMG Significant Increase of New ICC-ES PMG Listings 05/31/2011
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG Certifies Products to New WaterSense Specification for Tank-Type Toilets 06/07/2011
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG Certifies to Annex F of NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Requirements to Help Manufacturers Meet Deadline 06/30/2011
ICC-ES-PMG Standards Council of Canada Accredits ICC-ES PMG 08/02/2011
ICC-ES-PMG Cascadian Marketing, a Premier Manufacturer of Toilets and Lavatories, Is the Latest to Take Advantage of the ICC-ES PMG Transfer and Save Program 08/24/2011
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG Expands its Business in China, Europe, India and South America 10/27/2011
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG Receives Transitional Approval to Certify Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers 11/08/2011
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG First Certification Agency to Receive City of L.A. Department of Building and Safety Recognition under New Guidelines 11/17/2011
ICC-ES-PMG 2011 – The Most Successful Year Yet for ICC-ES PMG 12/21/2011
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG and Pace Laboratories Join Resources 01/30/2012
ICC-ES-PMG Pestan North America Receives ICC-ES PMG Listing to 2012 Codes 03/23/2012
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES Issues PMG Listing No. 1116 to STP-FloPlast Compression Fittings 04/02/2012
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG and Australian Certification Services Join Forces 04/16/2012
ICC-ES-PMG Rain Bird Receives ICC-ES PMG Product Certification to the WaterSense Specification for Weather-based Irrigation Controllers 06/08/2012
ICC-ES-PMG ICC Evaluation Service Exhibits at 17th Annual Kitchen and Bath Show China (KBIS) 06/14/2012
ICC-ES-PMG LSP Products Group and Elkhart Products Corporation Choose ICC-ES 07/24/2012
ICC-ES-PMG The Toro Company Receives WaterSense Certification for Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers 08/28/2012
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG Issues PMG-1157 WaterSense Certification for Raindrip® WeatherSmartPRO® Irrigation Controller 09/18/2012
ICC-ES-PMG ICC Evaluation Service and QAI Laboratories Align Resources To Expedite Building Product Testing and Evaluations 10/13/2010
ICC-ES-PMG ICC Announces New Evaluation Service Leadership 07/05/2012
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG offers Free Product Listing to the Requirements of UPC-India 01/11/2013
ICC-ES-PMG Combined Lead Law/Performance Certifications for Plumbing Fittings Now Available through ICC-ES PMG: 2012 ASME Standard Removes Need to Conduct Separate Certifications 01/18/2013
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG, SAI Global to Cooperate on Plumbing Product Listings, Allowing Manufacturers Broader Entry to Markets 02/14/2013
ICC-ES-PMG NIBCO Earns ICC-ES PMG Listing for its Press System 02/20/2013
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG, SRCC Offer Dual Certification Program for Solar Thermal Products 03/05/2013
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG Receives EPA Transitional Approval to Certify Pre-Rinse Spray Valves 09/18/2013
ICC-ES-PMG Standards Council of Canada Expands ICC-ES PMG Scope Accreditation 02/24/2014
ICC-ES-PMG Conbraco Industries Chooses ICC Evaluation Service PMG Certification to Distribute in U.S. and Canada 04/24/2014
ICC-ES-PMG IDC Chooses ICC Evaluation Service PMG Certification 06/30/2014