Category Title Date
ICC-ES ICC-SWCC awards Dakota Turbines a certification for its DT-25 wind turbine 09/14/2018
ICC-ES Ridged Systems awarded ICC-SRCC OG-300 Solar Thermal Systems Program certification 09/14/2018
ICC-ES ICC-ES announces its 2018-2019 Board of Managers roster 08/29/2018
ICC-ES ICC-ES ESL-1012 Issued to SolarDock, LLC 01/27/2015
ICC-ES ICC, ICC-ES Offer Value and Support during the Second Annual Design and Construction Week 01/28/2015
ICC-ES ICC-ES Connect+ Customer Care Service Sets Industry Gold Standard 02/17/2015
ICC-ES Standards Council of Canada Extends Scope of Accreditation for ICC Evaluation Service to Certification of Building Products 03/16/2015
ICC-ES ICC-ES Evaluation Reports for Post-installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete Elements Updated to Meet New AC308 Criteria 03/27/2015
ICC-ES Huber Engineered Woods LLC Receives ICC-ES Listing 04/08/2015
ICC-ES The ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) Seeks Interested Individuals to Serve on its Board of Managers 04/10/2015
ICC-ES ICC-ES Hires Gould as VP of External Relations and Client Services 06/08/2015
ICC-ES Chui, Wong, Join ICC-ES Technical Staff 06/17/2015
ICC-ES The ICC Evaluation Service seeks to fill openings on the ICC-ES Evaluation Committee 06/17/2015
ICC-ES Increasing Number of Manufacturers Recognize the Value of ICC-ES Building Product Listings 06/29/2015
ICC-ES ICC-ES President Moinian Appointed Chair of PMI Allied Member Committee 07/02/2015
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues ESR-2502 to Powers Fasteners for Wedge Expansion Anchors 07/29/2015
ICC-ES More Manufacturers Join the Ranks of ICC-ES Building Product Listees 08/17/2015
ICC-ES Hilti, Inc. Complies with New ICC-ES AC308 Option for Reinforcing Bar Evaluation 08/26/2015
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues ESR-3520 to Hilti for the Hilti Anchor Channel (HAC) 09/10/2015
ICC-ES ICC-ES Appoints Wong as Technical Staff Lead for Building Products Listing Program 09/11/2015
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues ESR-3309 to Schletter Inc. for Flush Mount Solar Mounting Systems 10/08/2015
ICC-ES ICC-ES Building Product Listing Program Continues Rapid Growth 11/05/2015
ICC-ES ICC-ES Continues Substantial Client Growth to Support Industry Recovery 12/01/2015
ICC-ES ICC-ES PMG Receives EPA Approval to Certify Flushometer-Valve Water Closets 12/21/2015
ICC-ES Symmons Industries Selects ICC-ES PMG to Certify Code Compliance of New Lavatory Faucet and Showerheads 01/05/2016
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues ESR-3403 to Simpson Strong-Tie for Composite Strengthening SystemsT 01/07/2016
ICC-ES Pattern of IAPMO Copyright Violations Short Circuits Process that Promotes Public Safety in Buildings, Lawsuit Asserts 01/13/2016
ICC-ES ICC, ICC-ES Continue to lead the Industry in Building and Plumbing Product Evaluation and Certification at KBIS and IBS 01/28/2016
ICC-ES Growth Accelerates in 2016 for ICC-ES' Building Product Listing Program 02/09/2016
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues ESR-3444 to MiTek for FWH Fire Wall Hangers 02/10/2016
ICC-ES ICC Evaluation Service Expands Standards Council of Canada Scope of Accreditation to Anchor Products 03/28/2016
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues ESR-3575 to Roof Tech for RT-[E] Mount Solar PV Mounting System 04/21/2016
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues Several New Building Product Listings to Manufacturers 05/16/2016
ICC-ES ICC-ES PMG Exhibits at the Kitchen and Bath Expo in Shanghai, China 06/14/2016
ICC-ES ICC-ES Expands Standards Council of Canada Scope of Accreditation to Roof Covering Systems 06/16/2016
ICC-ES ICC-ES Exhibits at the International Roofing and Waterproofing Expo in Shanghai, China 07/18/2016
ICC-ES ICC-ES, CSTB, and DIBt form the Alliance of Product Evaluation Experts 07/28/2016
ICC-ES U.S. Federal District Court Clears Path for ICC Copyright Complaint against IAPMO 09/20/2016
ICC-ES ICC-ES and Innovation Research Labs Create One-Stop Testing, Listing, and Product Evaluation Service for Building, Energy and PMG Product Manufacturers 10/04/2016
ICC-ES Leading Green Building Consortium Expands on First Anniversary 10/10/2016
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues ESR-3912 to DEWALT for Mini-Undercutâ„¢ Anchors in Concrete and Hollow-Core Concrete Slabs 11/02/2016
ICC-ES ICC-ES PMG Receives Sponsor Recognition Award at the 2016 American Society of Plumbing Engineers Expo and Convention 11/03/2016
ICC-ES ICC-ES Launches New Affiliate Program 11/14/2016
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues ESR-3631 to Structurlam Products LP for CrossLam? CLT Cross-Laminated Timber Panels 01/05/2017
ICC-ES MiTek Joins ICC-ES' New Affiliate Program 01/19/2017
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues ESR-2092 to NUDURA Inc. for Insulated Concrete Form Wall System 01/20/2017
ICC-ES ICC-ES Continues to Drive Growth, Affordability and Innovation at KBIS and IBS 01/25/2017
ICC-ES Falcon Stainless, Inc. Joins ICC-ES PMG's New Affiliate Program 02/02/2017
ICC-ES ICC-ES Launches New Online Customer Portal System 02/13/2017
ICC-ES ICC-ES and Twining, Inc. to Cooperate in Testing and Certification of Supplementary and Alternative Cementitious Materials 04/10/2017
ICC-ES ICC-ES Receives California Air Resources Board Approval to Conduct Third Party Certification Services for Composite Wood Products 04/12/2017
ICC-ES DEWALT Joins ICC-ES New Affiliate Program 04/20/2017
ICC-ES City of Los Angeles to Expand ICC Evaluation Service Provider Status 04/26/2017
ICC-ES ICC-ES Expands Partnership with SAI Global to Test, Evaluate and Certify Building Products in Australia and New Zealand 05/01/2017
ICC-ES SG Blocks First to be Evaluated to Requirements of New ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria (AC462) for Structural Building Materials from Shipping Containers 05/08/2017
ICC-ES ICC-ES and APA Establish New Combined Product Listing Program for Cross-Laminated Timber Products to PRG-320 05/15/2017
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues New Report Supplements to the Requirements of the City of Los Angeles Building and Residential Codes 05/25/2017
ICC-ES ICC-ES Continues to Issue New Report Supplements to the Requirements of the City of Los Angeles Building and Residential Codes 06/22/2017
ICC-ES EPA approves ICC-ES as a third-party certifier 07/18/2017
ICC-ES ICC-ES PMG Now Accredited to Certify Products for the Mexican Market 09/06/2017
ICC-ES EPA Approves ICC-ES as a Licensed Certifier of Spray Sprinkler Bodies 09/21/2017
ICC-ES Solar Rating & Certification Corporation joins ICC Evaluation Service, LLC 11/21/2017
ICC-ES ICC-ES to Evaluate Alternative Seismic Force-Resisting Systems in Light of ASCE 7-16 Adoption into the 2018 IBC 11/30/2017
ICC-ES More ICC-ES Building Product Listings Issued 01/08/2015
ICC-ES ISAT Blue Banger Hanger First to be Evaluated to Requirements of New ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria AC446 10/13/2014
ICC-ES Soil Retention Products, Inc. First to Obtain ESR to the 2015 I-Codes 10/08/2014
ICC-ES ICC-ES Issues New EPA Seal and Insulate with ENERGY STAR® Certifications to BASF Corporation 10/06/2014
ICC-ES ICC-ES Introduces Connect+ Customer Care Service 09/22/2014
ICC-ES ICC-ES Technical Staff Present Seminar during China International Roofing and Waterproofing Expo 08/12/2014
ICC-ES ICC Evaluation Service issues its First Formaldehyde Emission Listing 01/03/2018
ICC-ES ICC Member, ICC-ES Accept WSSPC Awards 08/12/2014
ICC-ES ICC-SRCC is the first certification body accepted into the Global Solar Certification Network 01/09/2018
ICC-ES Manufacturers Benefit from ICC-ES Expedited Service 07/28/2014
ICC-ES The Code Council and ICC-ES Partner with the Building Industry to Support Safe Buildings and Housing Affordability 01/22/2018
ICC-ES ICC-ES PMG Issues New WaterSense Certification for Spray Sprinkler Bodies to Hunter Industries 02/02/2018
ICC-ES ICC Evaluation Service's Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas Program Sets All-time Record Growth in 2018 03/05/2018
ICC-ES ICC-ES Scope of Accreditation Widely Expanded by the Standards Council of Canada 04/26/2018
ICC-ES ANSI Announces ICC-ES Accreditation under Pilot Programs for Eco-Labeling, Environmental Product Declarations 03/26/2015
ICC-ES ICC-ES Report Supplements to the City of Los Angeles Building and Residential Codes Experience Rapid Growth 06/25/2018
ICC-ES ICC-ES resumes its Building Department Service due to demand 07/09/2018
ICC-ES Environmental Programs ANSI Announces ICC-ES Accreditation under Pilot Programs for Eco-Labeling, Environmental Product Declarations 03/26/2015
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG, Home Innovation Research Labs to Offer Canadian Recognition 04/21/2015
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES PMG, SAI Global Release New Plumbing Product Listings 02/19/2015
ICC-ES-PMG Hamat Sanitary Fittings and Cast Receive Two New ICC Evaluation Service PMG Certifications to 2015 I-Codes and Low Lead Requirements 10/15/2014
ICC-ES-PMG ICC-ES Continues to Grow its Customer Base in China Supporting Manufacturers Globally 07/07/2014