The Evaluation Process

The evaluation process is a cooperative effort between the report applicant and the ICC-ES staff. If you have applied for a report, or are thinking about applying, then know that we will partner with you throughout the process. You will have your responsibilities, and we will have ours. Anytime you have a question, contact us.

For a new report, the evaluation process occurs in three phases, as follows:

What’s in It for You

Some applicants find the evaluation process complex and demanding. But it is worth it. Evaluation of your product by ICC-ES, with the issuance of an evaluation report, provides:

  • Clear evidence, accepted by regulators and construction professionals across the United States, that your product complies with code.
  • An independent review, by our expert staff, of the technical, code-related aspects of your product and your quality system. If there are any problems, you will hear about them from us rather than from unhappy customers and unsatisfied code officials.
  • A leveling of the playing field, since your product will be evaluated in the same way as your competitors’ products, if they also have evaluation reports.
  • A process that is rigorous but fair, extremely thorough and-for that very reason-thoroughly credible. Assured that your product complies with code, you will find that the time and money devoted to an evaluation was time and money well spent.